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GRINNING TEDDY PRODUCTIONS has a passion to share stories in a unique and intriguing way, sharing these journeys with those who care to share it with us. Having input in what is visually stimulating and emotionally captivating. Grinning Teddy Productions combines knowledge of the performance world and the production world to deliver stories in a unique way.



Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 43 seconds

Brief Description: There are a lot of us who tend to live life trapped in our own little worlds. Once we have a certain way of doing things we end up sticking to what's familiar, walking around with blinders on. We tend to miss the importance of things that are going on around us. SISTERS' CURSE is a story about such a family and the heightened state of fear that could come from with in the 4 walls of a "normal" household.

LIVERPOOL: A Phone Project

Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 2:26


A phone and a new handy dandy gimbal going on a test run. Only video and audio in this is purely through phone only. The entire edit was also done by phone.


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